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Offshoring software development can help businesses keep up with the latest technology while being cost-effective. It can save time and make tasks easier, without the need to hire new staff. While choosing an offshore partner may not be easy, the benefits can make it a smart business decision.

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At Innventé, we don't just create aesthetically pleasing designs - we deliver results. Our team of experts is passionate about crafting creative strategies that align with your business goals, and executing them flawlessly.


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Production Offshoring

When a company establishes its manufacturing unit in a different country, to import the finished goods for selling it in the domestic market, it is termed as production offshoring.

Services Offshoring

A company performs service offshoring by setting up the units in other countries to carry out service-related operations such as customer care, information technology, marketing, human resource, accounting, sales and many more.

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